Introducing Kaalajur

Yesterday, a new language was born: Kaalajur [ˌkaːlaˈjuɐ]. It is my newest creation, because I wanted to have a language I can secretly speak in. It’s not made to be easy – but it has to be ear-pleasing (to my ears at least) and somewhat aesthetical…

Here are a few features:

  • Ergative-Secundative
  • Agglutinating
  • OVS
  • Past vs. Non-past
  • 7 Grammatical Cases
  • 4 Vowels + Length Distinction /a i ɔ u aː iː ɔː uː/
  • 11 Consonants /t d c ɟ k ʃ̟ ɬ l j m ʁ/

First sentences about to be ready. Give me a few days months xD


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