Kaalajur Personal Pronouns

I’m not quite sure yet, how the pronouns will be placed with respect to the verb position, but I came up with the following system:

Singular (with male/female distinction in 2 and 3)
1    cuu /cuː/
2    lil / lai /lil lai/
3   kta / cla /kta cla/

1   waai /ɬaːi/ (Speaker + Receiver, strictly speaking this is dual)
1   wakm /ɬakm/ (Speaker + Receiver + Thirds)
1   cuw /cuɬ/ (Speaker + Thirds, Receiver excluded)
2   zaar /ɟaːɐ/ (Receiver + Thirds)
3   zliim /ɟliːm/

I’m thinking about adding more distinctions than male/female and also about adding those distinction in the plural forms. But nothing’s stable yet.


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