Approaching Grammar: Cases

I now decided (after despairing over the allophony) to not bother with the sounds and go into the grammatical structure first and afterwards tackle the sound issues. It’s just too weird to work out all possible sound combinations.

So, as I already said in the introduction, Kaalajur will be Ergative-Secundative and have 7 cases. First of all, a list of the cases:

  1. Absolutive: ABS
  2. Ergative: ERG
  3. Secundative: DAT
  4. Prepositional: PREP
  5. Allative: ALL
  6. Ablative: ABL
  7. Locative: LOC

Those will be attached to their respcetive roots as suffixes – easy so far. But I want it to be agglutinating. Heavily agglutinating, I guess. I want the phrase constituents to attach to the verb root.
So, we get something like this (“word order” is OVS):

intransitive: verb-ABS-subject
monotransitive: patient-ABS-verb-ERG-agent
ditransitive: receiver-ABS-verb-ERG-agent-DAT-theme

Verbs will have a specific form to make them distinguishable within the word.

Other cases will just be chained to the word in the given order from the numbered list. If they occur before the verb, the case marker precedes the root it modifies and if they occur after the verb, the case marker succeeds the root.

I’m thinkig about a vowel harmony which makes it necessary to identify the whole cluster as one word and not seperate words.


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