I’m doing a course on LaTeX at the moment and I thinks it’s quite wonderful. I already found a pdf on how to incorporate IPA, interlinear glossing and structural trees with it. I think I’m going to use it to make the grammar reader for Kaalajur. It just looks so neat and tidy. I guess everyone who wants to write a larger scientific work of any kind might enjoy it. It is difficult to learn at first, but once you got used to it, it just comes handy.

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4 thoughts on “LaTeX

  1. LaTeX just looks so good. I’m just afraid sometimes I would get distracted by code if I’m trying to write something, so I write stuff with the purpose of LaTeXing it later but then I don’t care any more.

    • I think you definitely need to write directly in LaTeX, because adding emphasis/bolds/special characters/etc afterwards would be a real pain in the ass.
      At the moment, I’m very ethusiastic about it, but as soon as that settles, I hope that I’m just so used to it that it poses no obstacle to me anymore to put things into LaTeX.
      Also, I probably wouldn’t do it for some smaller notes or the like. I also prefer to use the WYSIWYG enviroment of wordpress over the tag-only style.

      • It is a pain indeed. Let me know how it goes with it and if you can get used to using LaTeX as you principal writing method. What editor do you use, if I can ask?

      • I use TexStudio from on Windows. It has syntax highlighting and automatic completion of commands, while still being rather light-weight. Also, the internal pdf-viewer is rather useful, because you would have to restart any extern viewer every time you want to edit the file.
        I’d say, if you already have a proper idea what you’re writing about, starting in LaTeX is a good idea, because it also helps you structuring the document in your mind. But if you just want to brainstorm or something, I tend to get diestracted by coming up with titles and section for what I’m thinking about. Still, I want to have LaTeX as my primary writing mode.

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