Still Approaching Grammar

So far, I have thought about cases; aspects, tenses and moods of the verbs;about adjectives and about the overall sentence structure. Now, I want to revise a few things and state what is solid for now:

The cases will stay like in the in the post on cases, except for the fact taht I may introduce an split-ergative, because I think that this idea is so reasonable! Still, I need to figure out the split condition. I will move away from my “extremely agglutinating” and keep the noun phrases separated from the verb phrases. Moreover, I decided to drop the personal pronouns and instead have them (as agreement) affixed to the verb. The verbs are quite heavily loaded I guess…

For the adjectives, Kaalajur will treat them as verbs as well.

  • the red car halts: the red.STV.REL car halt.3
  • the car is red: the car red.STV

I’m not sure about the phrase structure yet, so positions are likely to change.

Also, I’m working the grammatical conventions into (who would have thought it!) a LaTeX document.


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