Update on Noun Affixes & Word Order/Questions

I want to include definiteness and number on the noun affixes now. So we get, encoded on the noun:

  • ABS
  • ERG
  • DAT
  • PREP
  • ALL
  • ABL
  • LOC
  • SG.DEF
  • PL.DEF

Dual is substituted under plural for the nouns.

For the word order, I settled on “SVO” as a standard. But this is far to imprecise for me.

Standard is (number is valency):

  • 0: V
  • 1: Subject V
  • 2: Agent V Patient
  • 3: Agent V Receiver Theme

Polite Form:

  • 0: V
  • 1: V Subject
  • 2: Patient V Agent
  • 3: Receiver V Agent Theme

Question Form:

  • 0: V-Q
  • 1: V-Q Subject
  • 2: V-Q Agent Patient
  • 3: V-Q Agent Receiver Theme

Ah, I also included a interrogative marker on verbs. But more on questions in the next post. Tomorrow.


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