Phonolgy of Kalaajur

Finally, here’s the phonology of Kalaajur.


/t d c ɟ k ʃ̟ ɮ l j m ʁ/
<t d c z k s w l j m r>

The lack of a voice counterpart of /k/ is intended.


/a i ɔ u/
/aː iː ɔː uː/
<a i o u>
<aa ii oo uu>


So basically, everything stayed the same as in the very first post on Kalaajur.

I also came up with a vowel harmony which is fairly simple, like this:

<a i> – <o>
<o u> – <i>
<ai>  – <o>

How this harmony is applied, I will show in the following post!