Development Update

OK, Kalaajur has been scrapped. But long live Kalaajur! I noticed that I can without problems include the word Kalaajur into my new phonology. I haven’t decided whether the language will be called like that, but the word will surely be included.
Also, I decided to have a “resources” section in which I review resources for conlanging. That’s because I rarely read them nor even look into them. This could be a way to make me look into resources and have you benefit from it as well! The section will contain anything from conlang grammars and webpages over natlang descriptions to theoretical essays. Criterions will be things like length, readability/visual access and demand on preknowledge (target audience). I have to write a few essays in the next two weeks, but lets hope I won’t be too lazy afterwards to start the whole thing.

— Blogged from my phone.


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