A New Phonology: Project II

So, here I am again. I think I need a new working name for my project, because it feels wrong to call it Kalaajur… I think I will call it Project II for the sake of simplicity.

So here we go:

Phonology for Project II

Consonants: /f v s z ʃ ʒ h p b t d k g n m ɹ l j ts/
Basically, nothing overly weird or fancy here. For me personally, it is a rather large inventory – but a large part will actually be allophonic. I will post the romanisation with the post on allophony.
Vowels: /a e i o u aː eː iː oː uː ai ua ei/
Oh, those are very weird and fancy vowels, aren’t they? Well… yeah, not much to say about those. The diphthongs count as long vowels, that’s why there’s no long version of them.

I came up with this phonology in a rather laborious way: I coined about 300 words and derived the phonology from those. With Project II, I really want to make sure that it is as much to my personal liking as possible. That’s why I started with “the language in my head”, just scribbling down the words without thinking about a system in the first place. Of course, I had to cut some bits of here and there, some oddities that slipped in. But still, I’m quite happy with the result.

The Phonotactics

…are, for now, rather simple:
CVC, but only /s ʃ k n ɹ l/ are allowed in word-final coda position.
So we get words in the form CVC CVC CVC, where two consonants will influence each other when adjacent to each other, but I haven’t worked on the allophony yet.

Project II will be a stress-based language with fixed stress: left, left windowed and nonperiphal. I read into those chapters on wals.info and essentially found the stress pattern I had intuitively devised for Project II. The long vowels will draw stress, because they are stress heavy. In the notation from wals.info, the pattern would be
[σ (σ σ)

That’s it so far. I will now dive into the allophony.

I hope that I’ll be able to incorporate some of the grammar ideas I had for Kalaajur.


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